disbi.option_utils module

Module for treating the custom DISBi options attached to the model fields.


Get the name used to display a field in the external representation.

Parameters:field (Field) – The respective field.
Returns:str – The display_name used for external representation.
disbi.option_utils.get_models_of_superclass(app_label, model_superclasses, intermediary=False)[source]

Get all the models that derive from one superclass and include the intermediary models for N:M related models.

  • app_label (str) – The label of the app the models live in.
  • model_superclasses (iterable of type) – The classes from which all models of interest derive.
Keyword Arguments:

intermediary (bool) – Determines whether models should be included.


list – All models that derive from mode_superclass. Plus their intermediary models that are no proxys if intermediary is True.