DISBi Integrates Systems Biology

DISBi is a flexible framework for setting up Django apps for managing experimental and predicted data from Systems Biology projects. A DISBi app presents an integrated online environment, that helps your team to manage the flood of data and share it across the project. DISBi dynamically adapts to its data model at runtime. Therefore, it offers a solution for the needs of many different types of projects. DISBi is open source and freely available.


  • Automatic constructions of a Filter interface, that allows you to find exactly the experiments you’re interested in.
  • Integration of related biological objects and the associated experimental data in the Data View. Data can be further filtered and downloaded in various formats.
  • Preliminary analysis directly in the browser. Fold changes can be calculated and exported with the rest of the data. Histograms of the distributions of data and scatter plots comparing experiments can be generated with one button press.
  • Flexible abstract data model. Specify a data model that meets the requirement of your project. DISBi will figure out the relations between the models and necessary steps to integrate the data at runtime.
  • Adapt the admin interface to handle large datasets. With the DISBi framework the admin can be easily configured to allow uploads and export of large datasets using common formats such as CSV or Excel.

To get an impression of what DISBi can do for you, see the following screenshots:


Fig. 1 A screenshot of the filter view that helps in choosing the experiments of interest.


Fig. 2 A screenshot of the integrated data in an interactive table in the Data View.


Fig. 3 A screenshot of a histogram and scatter plot, generated form transcriptome data.