Source code for disbi.admin

Useful admin classes and factory function that can be used
to configure the admin of the concrete app. 
# standard library
import io

# third-party
from tablib.core import Dataset

# Django
from django.contrib import admin
from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError

from disbi._import_export import resources
from disbi._import_export.admin import (ImportExportModelAdmin,

[docs]def dataframe_replace_factory(replace): """ Factory for creating a mixin that replaces entries globally in an uploaded dataset. Args: replace (tuple): A 2-tuple with the old and the new value. Returns: Dataset: The new dataset with the replaced values. """ class DataframeReplaceMixin(): """ DataframeReplaceMixIn provides a function to change entries in the dataframe before import. """ def before_import(self, dataset, dry_run, **kwargs): stream = io.StringIO(dataset.csv .replace(replace[0], replace[1])) dataset = Dataset().load(, format='csv') return dataset return DataframeReplaceMixin
[docs]def disbiresource_factory(mymodel, myfields, myimport_id_fields, mywidgets=None): """Return a resource class with the given meta options and the validation hook.""" class DisbiResource(resources.ModelResource): def before_save_instance(self, instance, dry_run): """Perform full_clean for validation before the instance is saved.""" try: instance.full_clean() except ValidationError: raise class Meta: model = mymodel fields = myfields import_id_fields = myimport_id_fields widgets = mywidgets return DisbiResource
# ------------------------------ Inlines ------------------------------
[docs]def inline_factory(proxy, inline_type='tabular'): """ Create an inline class from a proxy Model. Args: proxy (Model): The proxy or just the normal model from which the inline class is created. Keyword Args: inline_type (str): The type of Inline that should be created. Defaults to 'tabular'. Returns: InlineModelAdmin: The created class. Raises: ValueError """ cls_name = proxy.__class__.__name__.strip('Proxy') + 'Inline' if inline_type == 'tabular': return type(cls_name, (admin.TabularInline,), dict(model=proxy)) elif inline_type == 'stacked': return type(cls_name, (admin.StackedInline,), dict(model=proxy)) else: raise ValueError('InlineModelAdmin cannot be created with type {inline_type}' .format(inline_type=inline_type))
# --------------------------- Admin classes ---------------------------
[docs]class DisbiMeasurementAdmin(RelatedImportExportModelAdmin): """ Allow measurement models to be filtered by their related experiments. """ filter_for_extended_form = None # Show only those experiments in the filter that have data attached to it. list_filter = ( ('experiment', admin.RelatedOnlyFieldListFilter), ) list_per_page = 30